Whether you are new to skating or a seasoned veteran ready to return to competition, Skatetown has a program for you!

Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned veteran ready to return to competition, Skatetown has a program for you!

TOP 5 Reasons You Should Skate:

  • Skating is fun!
  • Great social activity that includes friends & family of all ages
  • Fun way to burn calories & stay in shape
  • Great cardio workout, builds endurance, tones muscles, improves balance
  • Mentally, physically & emotionally challenging


GROUP Learn to Skate Classes

Starting with Adult Pre-Alpha class, beginners will progress at an individual rate while being challenged and motivated. Learn the basic elements of forward, backward, turns and stops before advancing to more challenging skating moves. CLICK HERE for info on skating classes.


For adults only (over 18). All skating abilities welcomed. Mon/Wed/Fri from 12:15 - 1:15pm. After Adult Skate, visit with fellow skaters. The people in the group are friendly and they welcome newcomers!


Skatetown competitions feature adults-only events. If you are interested in all-adult competitions, Ice Sports Industry's annual Adult Championships and US Figure Skating's Adult Championships draw hundreds of participants each year.

Skatetown Ice Arena Takes 2018 ISI Adult Champs Title!


It's NEVER TOO LATE to learn to skate

JOIN the fun!

ADULT Figure Skaters Who Inspire

Skatetown’s Adult skaters include a variety of current or former professionals—physician, clergy person, school teacher, civil engineer, sheriff, pharmacy tech, field biologist and others. Click on any of the names below to read about skaters from other rinks who continue to inspire adults across the country.


Began figure skating lessons when she was 62 years old


A physician, a grandmother and a serious adult figure skater