Work on your skills or just practice for fun

Stick Time offers the perfect environment to work on your skating, stick handling and shooting in a no-pressure, hockey-only session. During these sessions, players can use the ice for their own practice.

How did Wayne Gretzky become Wayne Gretzky? Not by just playing a few games every week. Instead, he spent countless hours on a frozen backyard pond with unstructured ice time, fooling around, experimenting, to "see where the puck took him," to the point where he could feel it without looking down.

In Ken Dryden's book, The Game, there is a passage where he discusses Guy Lafleur's habit of practicing on his own at the Montreal Forum for one hour before every Canadiens' team practice (and he was already a perennial All-Star). Somebody in his early life taught him the value of Sticktime! In warmer climates we can't offer frozen ponds, but indoor rinks can do the next best thing: ice sessions devoted strictly to individual skill development- skating, stickhandling, passing, and shooting …Sticktime! This is the time for experimentation and trying new things. Things you don't have time to learn in a game. This is the time to get so accustomed to having a puck on the end of your stick that it becomes second-nature to you for the few moments you do get it in a game. Sticktime is intended for players to just skate and work on individual skill development and, most importantly, to have fun. Sticktime is a great time to schedule a private lesson with one of Skatetown’s Hockey instructors.

Organized play is not allowed. Organized play is defined as scrimmaging, or continuous play. Practicing set plays is acceptable, and organized drills are acceptable. Set plays and drills have a distinct beginning and end while scrimmaging does not. Team practices are not allowed. If drills are done, the players conducting the drills must take into consideration the amount of ice used and the number of players on the ice.

If there are a wide range of skill levels on the ice, a large number of skaters and/or very young skaters, the monitor may determine that dividing the ice with the Border Patrol pads is needed, in which case they will put the pads on the ice. They may put two sets of pads out to create three separate playing areas.

60, 75 or 90-minute sessions

LIMITED TO 45 PLAYERS PER SESSION ON FULL ICE, excluding Skatetown Teammates & Goalies            

Times subject to change. Please call ahead to verify.

  • $8.25 per player for 30-minute session   
  • $12.50 per player for 45-minute session   
  • $16.50 per player for 60-minute session   
  • $18.75 per player for 75-minute session  
  • $22.75 per player for 90-minute session          
  • NOTE: Goalies pay the same rates listed above

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  •     FULL ICE Schedule
  •     HALF ICE Schedule
  •     YOUTH ONLY Stick Time
  • Times subject to change. Please call ahead to verify.
      • For all ages and skill levels
      • No discounts for goalies
      • Full protective gear required (shoulder pads optional for adults)
      • Non-marking pucks are provided. Pucks are to be placed in puck bag at end of function and are not to be taken from the rink.
      • No organized play, scrimmages or slapshots allowed