Skaters who desire one-on-one instruction or accelerated advancement in recreational and competitive figure skating can take private lessons during freestyle or on some public sessions. To schedule a lesson, contact a coach or the Skating Director.

private lessons are perfect for:

Choosing a Coach

We encourage you to observe our professional staff 'in action' and review their biographies here on the site as well. Generally, skaters initially become acquainted with our coaches when they participate in 'group' classes. Coaches set their own schedules and lesson lengths vary from 15 to 60 minutes. A skating coach…

  • Supplementing group lessons An occasional private lesson can help sharpen a new skill
  • Cultivating your skills at your own pace
  • Advancing more rapidly  Get individual attention and independent practice
  • Preparing to compete in local, regional and national competitions
  • Encourages good sportsmanship, goal-setting & dedication
  • Understands differences in physical and emotional maturity and appreciates each child for her or his individuality
  • Has more than just winning in sight

          Helping young people develop physically, psychologically and socially takes precedence over winning