All the thrill of hockey, played on ice in the comfort of your own shoes! Broomball is played on a roughened ice surface in tennis shoes. Using a broom (the broom has evolved into a stick with a plastic paddle), you play ice hockey with a plastic ball.

Broomball must be played wearing regular shoes.

Teams try to score goals by using the broom to hit the ball past the goalie into the net. Up to three balls can be used at once (highly recommended – it’s more fun with more than one ball in play!). Goals will not count if the ball is thrown or kicked in.

• Keep broom head below waist at all times • No intentional sliding on shin guards • Stay out of the goalie’s crease area • Keep brooms out of crease area – the area in front of the goal • No checking ( blocking or impeding an opponent either with one's body or one's stick) • When running, take short, choppy steps for better control • It is not necessary to take a giant golf swing to hit the ball hard. Wrist shots are just as effective.

We have 60 sticks. Many large groups play in a “tournament” style to keep the number of people on the ice at a fun level.

Loaner helmets, elbow pads, shin pads, sticks, balls, nets, brightly-colored team vests and a staff person to assist you are included in the cost to play.

Broomball is scheduled when there is available ice. Call (916) 783-8550 ext. 109 or email for a current list of available ice.

It’s a good idea to wear gloves and dress in layers.


Absolutely. If it's family-friendly and on Spotify, you can play it!

The deposit to reserve the ice is payment in full for up to 30 players. The deposit is due at the time of booking.

$475 per hour for up to 30 players. Add $10 for each additional player.