Here's what our guests have to say about Skatetown!

    • "My daughter skates about 3 times a week. She really enjoys the fun games, and I like the café seating near the window so I can watch my daughter skate. There are always skate guards on the ice, they play with the kids and help them stay safe. They are quick to respond to falls and the occasional bucket skater who skates out of the bucket section.”


      K. Madderra Sacramento CA

    • "This was my family's first time to come here and man was I amazed. I've been to ice rinks before and this one was no different than those in appearance. But when you first come in contact with their customer service you become speechless. They treated everyone the same no matter what age or what race; everyone in our group was treated with the same respect and joy as the next person. Honestly I think they actually like their jobs. We will definitely be bookmarking this one and scheduling our next trip there soon.”


      J. Davidson  Elk Grove CA

    • "To me what makes Skatetown so great is the staff!!! From the guys in the ProShop that helped us pick our skates to the staff in the cafe who always put the perfect amount of ice in the kids' hot cocoas, everyone who works at Skatetown is amazing! EVERYONE! Always patient. Always happy. Always helpful. Skatetown is a great place!”


      N. Guadarrama-Plotner  Citrus Heights CA

    • "Skatetown is a fun family-friendly rink! Games are spaced out throughout the skating session to keep kids occupied and the staff is always on watch for safety. There is even a sectioned-off area for people who need aids while skating to help them, without letting them get in the way of more experienced skaters.”


      Carley R.  Wheatland CA