1 counselor for every 15 campers.

Many of our campers have never skated. Camp Cool includes daily skating lessons and the use of ‘learner buckets’ for beginners. Counselors also work with each camper to help them become comfortable on the ice.

No. You can purchase a full week of camp at a discount or pay $65 to drop in for an entire day.


The cost for a 30-minute private lesson is $50. The lesson cost is not included in the Camp Cool registration fee. To book a lesson:

(1) check where indicated on the Registration Form

(2) contact the Skating Department at (916) 783-8550 ext. 113 OR

(3) email

If your child has spending money, please place the money in a secure container in your child’s back pack, bag, or lunch box. Skatetown is not responsible for lost or stolen money amongst campers. It is highly suggested to pack your camper a lunch or snacks/ pre-pay for lunch or snacks in the mornings to avoid children keeping track of money throughout the day.

  • Campers should wear warm clothes, one pair of tall, thin socks and bring gloves or mittens.
  • Extra clothes. Depending on the temperature outdoors, we are planning to have lunch outside. Please bring sandals, hat, sunglasses and a change of clothes including shorts and t-shirt. Be sure to label all of your belongings!
  • Full hockey gear (for Hockey Camp Cool)
  • Please wear your Camp Cool t-shirt or Hockey Camp Cool jersey every day. Shirts are mandatory for campers, please do not forget them! (Full week enrollment required to receive a Camp Cool shirt or Hockey Camp jersey. Daily drop-in campers will be provided with a loaner shirt or jersey for the day.)
  • All campers must wear protective gear. Limited loaner gear available.

    We strongly recommend it and have loaner bike helmets sizes XS to XXL. Everyone must wear a helmet during hockey, broomball and GoKart events and will be provided.

    Campers will need to bring snacks and a lunch or pre-purchase a meal from the Skatetown Café when signing in each morning. Meals from Skatetown are approximately $10. Please note that the café will not be open, so lunch orders need to be prepaid by 10am. Campers may want to bring change for video games and a snack.

    Campers get one free soda each day.

    REDEMPTION GAMES are not a camp cool activity. If your child would like to play games they will need to do so before or after camp. Games are play-at-your-own-risk; no refunds.

    Skatetown’s party rooms are transformed into the Camp Cool Club during the summer. This is a great place to warm up and relax when not skating. Daily activities may include craft projects, team events, board games and movies.

    Backpacks, shoes and other items are to be kept in baskets in the Camp Cool Club rooms.

    Campers will get to take four laps around the rink on a GoKart.